Leaders inspiring leaders

Leaders inspiring leaders

Leader to Leader

Who is the leader who most inspires you? What is the trace or legacy that this person is leaving behind? It probably says a lot about you. It is very likely that you share something very deeply rooted such as a core value, a belief or a sense of meaning.

Driving Meaningful Leadership

My name is Sophie Vurpillot. I am an entrepreneur, a mentor and a coach for global-minded leaders seeking to generate a positive impact – for their team, their organization, and the world.

Accompanying thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders in their journey, I have learned that it is paramount to know our values, our purpose and our beliefs to inspire others and multiply our impact. It is equally important to be conscious of our barriers and limitations, so we can develop mechanisms to increase our resilience and our performance, while protecting our wellbeing.

This is why the brand Sophie Vurpillot focuses on empowering executives and entrepreneurs who seek to lead with meaning. We help those conscious leaders know themselves deeply, bring down internal barriers and transform themselves. Our mission is to help them increase their influence and amplify their impact without compromising their integrity.

Our motto is: Leaders inspiring Leaders.

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Driving Meaningful Leadership

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