Our Coaching Philosophy

We believe that our clients are resourceful, whole and relentless. We empower them to express their purpose, act with intention and consistency, inspire others and make a significant impact. They already excel at what they do. We accompany them through challenging, transformational times that require them to grow further and rise to realize their purpose.

We share our clients’ passion for excellence and results, which are reflected in every step of every coaching experience. We apply the most effective and innovative methods from all around the world to design tailor-made programs that best meet the very specific needs of every coachee and situation.

We create growth spaces shaped by powerful conversations and experiences that foster deep self-awareness, self-belief, responsibility and commitment towards impactful action.

We believe that together we are stronger and we connect them to a community of other restless minds, creators and builders who are constantly challenging the status quo and themselves to create an impact.

Our Expertise

Accompany conscious leaders through pivotal times

Personal Leadership
  • Identify your core personal values
  • Articulate your life purpose (your WHY)
  • Overcome limiting beliefs
  • Crafting a personal story that gives you confidence and strength
CEO & Entrepreneur Mentoring
  • Lead by values and developing a conscious culture
  • Create and nurture high-impact teams
  • Foster engagement, trust, ownership and meaning at work
  • Drive lasting cultural change
  • Address the human challenges that come with organizational changes. Manage the transition from Startup to SME.
Find your purpose
  • Embark on a very personal journey where your will refine your personal values and analyze with the guidance of your coach the main stories that shaped who you are today.
  • Articulate your life purpose into a powerful sentence that highlights your contribution to the world and impact, and which will apply to all areas of your life.
  • Stay truthful to your purpose in challenging times
Hack your mind and body
  • Create your own useful attitude
  • Overcome fears of failure, reject or embarrassment
  • Question some of your beliefs. Overcome limiting beliefs and break with your saboteurs.
  • Define routines to boost your energy and focus
Professional & Personal Branding
  • Identify your personal brand foundations (strategy, mission, vision)
  • Craft a powerful personal story to inspire others and get empowered as the protagonist of your existence
  • Get confident about your personal pitch for in-person meetings and the media
  • Write a branded short bio or CV
  • Develop a compelling, authentic and consistent online image
Develop your aura
  • Reveal your charisma
  • Develop your public speaking abilities
  • Persuade and inspire others
  • Promote your work and convert others into enthusiastic followers

Our Methodology

Our intellectual curiosity and thirst for knowledge led us to explore a great diversity of ideological currents and philosophies worldwide, and to become experts in a variety of methodologies and tools:

  • Coaching en estado puro®
  • Phenomenological & Ontological Coaching
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Lego Serious Play®
  • Points of You®
  • The Value of Values®

What to expect from working with us

A transformational journey during which your will challenge the way you think about yourself, push your boundaries and expand your vision.

A space to learn, connect and co-create with ambitious individuals and conscious leaders.

An accompaniment by talented, challenging and kind experts who will respect your integrity and decisions.