Find meaning: Discover your purpose


May 07, 2020 17:00 UTC

Online event

Sophie VurpillotSophie Vurpillot

Montse LorenteMontse Lorente

Do you believe in what you do? Do you know what inspires you and drives you? Join Montse Lorente and myself on Thursday, May 7 at 5pm Madrid time for our 3rd virtual coffee where we will help you explore your purpose to live a meaningful life.

We all know what we do, some of us know we do it, but very few of us can clearly articulate why we do what we do. Yet, knowing our purpose guides us through major life decisions, influences our behavior, shapes our goals and allows us to inspire other people. Fulfillment is not a privilege, and it is not a lottery. We are all entitled to feel fulfilled by the work we do and mean it when we say “I love what I do”. We are all entitled to get up in the morning with energy feeling inspired to start our day. We will share with you concepts, tools and inspiring real life stories to help you find your life purpose.