Techniques for self care and boosting energy


Mar 27, 2020 17:00 CET (Central European Time)

Online event

Sophie VurpillotSophie Vurpillot

Montse LorenteMontse Lorente

Life is not on hold! Especially for restless minds. Join Montse Lorente and myself this Friday at 5pm CET for a virtual coffee where we will be sharing techniques about self care and boosting energy. The goal is also to enjoy each other’s presence and share ideas. This will be a multi-faceted conversation with actionable tips to reduce stress, manage emotions, getting the most of our days and taking care of others to create a sense of purpose.

We are thrilled to welcome 2 amazing guests to this first edition: Andrea Denolle, nutritional therapist specialized in mindful eating and Mathilde Michaud, athlete and personal trainer (check her impressive instagram: @mathi.mishow).