Michka Guerrier

I am passionate about supporting individuals, teams and companies in reaching their fullest potential – and translating these into realities.

How do I pursue this purpose? I seek the most interesting and proven knowledge, tools, methods, experiences from various disciplines and their best representants and bring these to the people I work with.

I associate with boxing world champions, cave diving explorers, leading sports persons, physiologists, sport psychologists and create bridges from these worlds to the business environment.

I live by the phrase that words must be followed by actions. As such actions and experiences are fundamental in my approach. Don’t get me wrong though – the “words” or the ideas, the proven knowledge are the start.

For example I do not believe in speaking about boxing as a sufficient engine of change, I believe in bringing the training methods and experiencing elite boxing culture first hand under the supervision of leading professionals to gather the gold from this environment. For attendees this means sweat, effort and stepping out of the comfort zone but it also means intense learning, full presence and planting new seeds.

I follow these principles closely myself and have investigated intensely multifold fields: competing in amateur boxing and grappling, tennis, ultra-running, committing to mountaineering and climbing over the past decade. I am also a keen student of philosophy and literature. For 16 years I have been working in multiple countries with global companies in data-driven business process and IT excellence projects and created a PwC proprietary data mining & visualization tool for that purpose.

My message is clear – dare to think, dare to act and this is the direction I work towards with my clients.